Siem Reap - Day 1

March 06, 2014

This trip was booked and planned end of 2013. The return flight from Kuala Lumpur to Siem Reap with Air Asia is about RM300+.

There is only 1 Air Asia flight in the morning leaving KL at 6.50am. This was my first time checking in via mobile as I did not want to print anything from home. It is extremely simple, just remember to print your boarding pass at the kiosk and get it verified.

We arrived our destination around 8+ and a van from the hotel is waiting to send us there. It is FOC from the hotel booked using Agoda. You can look at my review here at TripAdvisor.

swimming pool with very unique decorations around

Reflections Art Boutique Hotel is approximately $20 per night, which was very cheap and good for value. But, if you are not in such a tight budget, paying a lil more for a better hotel would be nicer. :P

rice and all sorts of seeds/biji sold at the Old Market

After settling down, we walked to the Old Market to get some food. We had our first and best meal at Champey Restaurant. The price is slightly high but the quality and portion is huge.

- fresh spring rolls
- palm heart salad with chicken
- tom yam with seafood
- khmer amok fish
- chicken satay
- stir-fried cashew nuts with beef

Following lunch we had a short walk around and went to the local supermarket to get some items for donation to the Green Gecko Project.

Green Gecko Project is a non for profit organisation in Siem Reap that is supporting close to 100 kids who used to wander around the streets. They support their living and more importantly education. There are many ways to help out, we did a simple and most practical way - buying things on their wishlist for them. Check their website here for more information:

we bought about USD$100+ worth of daily-use products

After all the shopping, we had to rush back to be ready by 4.30pm and leave for sunset at Phnom. At 4.45pm, we bought the Angkor Wat entrance ticket (to avoid queues the next day) and to get free entrance to the archeology park after 5.00pm.

We were hungry and stopped by the roadside (opposite the hospital) and had some local fried instant noodles which was absolutely delicious.

this looks simple but it's the best noodle we had in Siem Reap

Many tourist will head to Phnom Bahkheng for the sunset, it is a 15-25 minutes walk up hill toward the temple. Visitors with shorts and sleeveless tops are not allowed into the temple, I had my scarf and so I managed to get in.

tip: you need to wear something longer than your knees (for female) to certain temples

The view of the sunset was sort of disappointing as I expected it to fall against the ancient temple backdrop, but it was just a wide full length sun setting down.

sunset view from the top of Phrom Bakheng

We headed for Cambodian BBQ dinner at BBQ Suki. Some restaurants serve exotic meats like crocodile, kangaroo, frog, etc. which did not suit to my likings. I did try the crocodile meat which tastes like chicken, but more tender and soft.

The Cambodian BBQ is quite similar to BBQ Plaza (Thai) back at home.

The day ended early as we have to get up as early as 5am for the Angkor Wat sunrise.

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