Siem Reap - Day 2

March 06, 2014

panaromic view at the Angkor Wat
Rose as early as 5.00am and headed out to Angkor Wat for sunrise. Our tuk tuk driver always reminded us to check our entrance ticket, so remember to do so! You don't want to be turning back half way of the journey.

You could get a guide for around $25 per day. They would have plenty of stories to share and tell you where is the best spots for pictures. But me and my friends opted out.

Angkor Wat is much more damaged and ruined than what I have expected. We were not lucky to see a full sunrise cause it was cloudy and hazy that morning. To avoid to crowd who are still enjoying the sunrise view, we headed into the temple.

this spot near the lake is where all tourist in big groups watch the sunrise
Same goes to the temple, those wearing shorts and sleeveless are not allow. It is stricter here where you will not be allowed to enter even if you had a scarf to cover your knees.

sunrise at Angkor Wat
The staircase is really steep and there are many viewpoints from the top for good pictures.

this is the view of the Angkor Wat empire from the top of the temple

interesting pillars against full length Khmer dancers?

We then went to Angkor Throm where the Bayon Temple is located. Bayon temple is easy recognised as the temple with huge Buddha faces on the stones/pillars. There are many other sights around here such as the Leper King, etc.

the iconic Bayon Temple with the Buddha's face at every pillar
beautiful carvings at Angkor Throm
Simple lunch places are available easily around here. Price ranges from $4-6.

more carvings

two little kid walking around the temple shoeless and picking up food from the ground. we had some Famous Amos and gave it to them

most of the temples are ruined and the blocks of rocks are left aside (where tourists rest on)
Our small tour ended with a visit to Ta Phrom, being made famous by Angelina Jolie's Tomb Raider. There is many repair works being done here as the trees are to heavy it is crushing the temple.

seems familiar? Angelina Jolie's Tomb Raider was shot here
our group photo at one of the temples

Cambodia in March is extremely hot and humid, it makes all of us feel like having an ice cold beer and jump into the pool. We went back to our hotel for a rest.

In the evening, we had dinner at a small local restaurant nearby the Night Market.

Cambodian Angkor Beer for only $0.50
my favourite vege
There are many souvenir stalls around the Night Market, we had our 1-hour foot massage and manicure+pedicure along the street for $10.

the happening pub street at night
necessities to bring along for the Angkor Wat tour: sunblock, hat/umbrella, sunglasses, insect repellent, some snack food, cold towels.

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