Siem Reap - Day 3

March 08, 2014

It was Friday and the day we have made arrangements to visit the Green Gecko Project prior to the trip. The home is about 20 minutes from our hotel.

going slightly off the city, on going construction and re-buildings 
The tuk tuk ride fitting in 4 persons + all those products isn't exactly easy. Our tuk tuk driver had to pump air to the tyre after the trip. >.<

It was very dusty with many constructions and sandy roads, so remember to have a scarf or a face mask.

covering their faces from the dust and dirt
We met with Lindy, a volunteer from Adelaide at the home. She told us a bit of the background and stories also brought us to see the whole compound. The kids were away to work on the paddy field, so we didn't manage to meet and spend time with them. We did meet some older kids practicing their martial arts and some girls doing cross-stitch.

This was a really meaningful part of our whole trip, to actually do something to help the country we're visiting. I am sure there is more of these to come.

a little gecko picture in front of the Green Gecko house
If you happen to be visiting Siem Reap, there is always ways to help them. Our little acts and kindness can mean a lot and make a huge difference.

After saying goodbye to Lindy, we headed to Banteay Srei or more known as the women's temple / pink temple.

The journey was close to an hour and believe me I was so exhausted when we arrived.

The pink temple looks more of red to me, but the structure and architecture is so intricate. Was not a waste with that sour butt for an hour! Haha!

Entrance is by your Angkor Archeology Park tickets.

the intricate carvings on the doorways

In the evening, we headed to Kulen II for the cultural performance + dinner. It costs us about $12.

The place was huge and could easily fit 300-400 people at a time. The food was not really good, so we expected a great perfomance. Sadly we were so disappointed and bored by the show. The narrator was not clear enough and we did not understand the entire plot (just guessing here and there).

the magnificient stage at Kolen II

not too great food

Khmer performance
If you want to see a cultural performance, I suggest to head over to Temple Bar on Pub Street, I heard that they had free shows about 7.30pm or 8.00pm. Just grab yourself a seat and a beer.

We ended the day with another round of massage near our hotel.

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