Siem Reap - Day 4

March 08, 2014

I personally think that 3 days in Siem Reap is more than enough. We did not have much to do on Day 4 - relaxing at the hotel, shopping at the market and the highlight of the day was the Circus show or they call it Phare.

Since we had a lot of free time, we took our own sweet time in bed and relaxed the entire morning. Back in Malaysia that time, MH307 was missing and we were all busy reading up on news and posts shared by others on social media sites.

We had lunch at Khmer Family Restaurant around the Old Market area. We tried more local dishes.

yummy cheese baked pumpkin and stir-fried vege

About 7pm, we took the Tuk Tuk to the Phare, which is a Cambodian cultural performance added with circus/acrobats element. Entrance is $15, and it is worth every cents of it.


This show was created by a non for profit organisation in Cambodia that helps maintain the arts and culture of Khmer people. The profit from each show will go towards sustaining the organisation and to continue their mission to keep hold their culture and arts.

We were all blown away by the talented performers and I strongly recommend everyone to watch this.

skipping with fire

This was our last night and we were running out of $$, we had the simplest dinner at the roadside that costs us $2 for a bowl of beef noodles.

beef noodle for $2.00
We had some massage and head back to pack.

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