6 reasons why you should Insta now.

June 27, 2015

Malaysians are not so active in Instagram, yet. I tried to ask among my network (age between 20 to 30) and only 30% active Instagram users. The other 70% are inactive users, some small portion doesn't even register on Instagram.

Instagram may not be most advantageous social media, then why should we be using Instagram especially businesses and brands? Here are my personal findings and reasons for why we should use Instagram.

Instagram is very user-friendly and easy!
Instagram is not something new in the trend now. It was released on 6th October 2010. Instagram is growing bigger and better. It is all about pictures and short clips with easier and simpler interface. Picture says a thousand words. You don't have to type a long story while you can snap and show the world what you are doing or what is happening around you in seconds. Instagram will be another mainstream social media, it is now just that not so popular in Malaysia. Soon it will be hyped up to be the next big thing.

Instagram is FUN!
Instagram is a platform for us to play around with our photography skills and express our creativity although we are not professional photographer. Well we are able to act like one on Instagram! Shoot photos and video clips creatively and show the world! Everyone loves to see beautiful pictures, right? Instagram has filters and editing tools for you to edit / beautify your photos and video clips instantly. Some people may be shy and not posting a lot but I am sure they are the admirers and they enjoy browsing and exploring those nice pictures by others.

Instagram is for everyone and all.
What I mean Instagram is for everyone and all? Everyone around the world, every brands in the market, every business and every brands are able to show the world and connect with people through pictures. Pictures are square frame where we have no limitation to picture anything and everything we want within it. For business and brands, this is a platform which you can be social, fun and out of the box. You can show the other side of your company and brand, be creative!

Instagram is marketer friendly.
Instagram is totally opposite from Facebook. Instagram is free from ads and it is very easy for you to reach your audience. You get to see every photo and posting of everyone you follow. As a business or brand, you do not have to worry which photo and posting get most views because they all are gonna show up in the news feed. Currently Instagram is still free and user-focused, hopefully Instagram will not become like Facebook. Maybe sooner or later it will offer ads or become like Facebook since Instagram is developed by Facebook. Well, let's not worry about that first, enjoy it now!

Personalize yourself or your business.
It is totally up to you how you want to express your creativity and more importantly your personality or the other side for your business. You can play with photography skills and styles, or photo format and more. Example, your brand color is black, maybe all your photos are in black and white only. Imagine that, cool right?!

The new generation is here!
Yes, the younger generation and millennial generation are more active on Instagram. Everyone likes to take pictures and share. Moreover the smartphones are capable to take good pictures and everyone owns at least one smartphone. So this could be another platform for you to blend in and keep up with the generation. No wonder most of my friends are not on Instagram... We are getting old. Lol. Besides this is good for business and brand, a good platform to connect with younger generation.

Thank you for your time. I hope my sharing inspires you to join Instagram if you are not on Instagram yet. It is a great social media platform for your own personal profile or business purpose. If you want to know more about Instagram or you need help in managing and planning for Instagram you can write to me anytime. Join me on Instagram, @zongyenyen.

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