[Review] Clear Tune Monitors CT-100

September 06, 2015

CIEM or Custom In-Ear Monitors is a fresh term for most of consumers. However this is very well-known for audiophiles and artists. CIEM is earphones or we called it in-ear monitors which customized only to your ears. Thus you see CIEMs are in weird shapes. However these CIEMs look cool when they are on your ears!

You will get perfect fit, maximum comfort and good isolation. Basically CIEM eliminates all the weaknesses of universal earphones. We need to get correct size eartips to get good fitting on universal earphones. However we often face difficulty in getting good fitting. You will never face this issue again if you switch to CIEM. Another reason to get CIEM is you get to design your own earphones, that's so cool, right?! You can choose your favorite color and apply your graphic on it, check out the options offered by CTM below:
CTM Color Options
CTM Faceplate Options

Clear Tune Monitors
CTM is CIEM brand from USA. CTM is a CIEM company focused on precision of sound as they are musicians and they know very well about the sound musicians want. Every CTM CIEMs are handcrafted in the USA. CTM offers very attractive pricing too. I believe CTM CIEMs are the most affordable so far. For more information please visit CTM website.

CTM Light Engineer - Darien - Incubus
CTM CT-100, The Soundtracker
CT-100 is the entry model of Clear Tune Monitors, priced at $300 (RM1790) with basic color selection. CT-100 is a single Balanced Armature driver monitor which is the best solution for beginners. Some people may use it for sports and gym workout. It may be slightly pricey compare to sport earphones in the market but this is definitely the best quality which will bring your workout experience to a whole new level.

I was impressed by the performance of single full range BA driver. I listened a lot to single BA earphones especially Final Audio Design Heaven II. CT-100 stands out by a big gap and the single BA deliver full range frequency quite well. CT-100 is balanced, crisp and clear sounding. It is not a fun sounding earphone, it delivers detailed sound with no coloration. However the soundstage is small and slightly forward, well we couldn't expect more.

Some people may think that CT-100 is lack of mid and bass. To me, CT-100 has bass, it gives you tight bass. Its bass is fast, not heavy in amount, and short extension. Mid is not thick and blurry, thus it gives you clear and detailed sound, which is very suitable for engineer and musician for monitoring purpose.

Sound Overview and Frequency Response of CT-100.

The Conclusion
I was trying on the demo unit which is not the final customized unit. Demo unit is still in universal shape and still need to put on eartips. The sound impression is there, I believe that the final customized CT-100 will be at its maximum performance.
CT-100 is very affordable and offer good detailed sound for the price. Definitely the best entry option for beginners who want to try on CIEM. Highly recommended for musicians.

Clear Tune Monitors and Jaben Malaysia are host giveaway for CTM CIEM. Check out the details below which I took from Jaben Malaysia facebook page.
Stand a chance winning CTM custom in-ear monitors by completing the task below:
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