How to withdraw your EPF for house?

December 07, 2015

Owning a house is never easy, you need a huge sum of money to pay up your downpayment; sufficient high income every month to pay off your loan and so much more to consider.

If you have purchased a house for yourself (congratulations btw), but yet to withdraw your EPF to offset some of the cost - then here's some tips for you.

KWSP/EPF has many withdrawal options when it comes to purchasing a house - one lump sum withdrawal for your downpayment, withdrawal for your loan, etc.

The first and most basic will be the withdrawal to pay off your downpayment where the funds will be credited to your personal account instead of directly paying to your loan bank. Simply means, if you have paid your downpayment earlier through other source, then you can use this money for renovation, buying furnitures or just keeping it in the bank [Note: this is illegal]. 

Basic conditions for withdrawal:

  • You have at least RM500 in EPF Accounts 2
  • You are a Malaysian below the age of 55
  • You bought a house from developer or someone else
  • You signed the Sales & Purchase Agreement no longer than 3 years
If you are in a more complex situation, the KWSP office information receptions will be able to assist (they are really helpful).

The application is simple and done over the counter at any KWSP branch. To apply for the withdrawal, you will need to have in hands these items:
  • Original copy of Sales & Purchase Agreement (completed and stamped) to show the officer
  • Photocopy of Sales & Purchase Agreement to handover to officer
  • Original copy of Loan Letter Offer from bank to show the officer
  • Photocopy of Loan Letter Offer from bank to handover to officer

Once you have them ready, you can follow these steps:

  1. Drop by any KWSP office
  2. Print your year to date statement at the kiosk
  3. Go to the information desk and ask for a "withdrawal for house downpayment form" (they will highlight to you the documents required - S&P and Loan Offer Letter)
  4. Complete the form (you can leave the amount to withdraw empty first as the officer will advise you later)
  5. Get a number from the information desk again
  6. Handover your forms, documents and IC to the officer
  7. Officer will check your documents and advise you the maximum amount you can withdraw
  8. You will get an official receipt for your application
  9. Application takes 21 working days to process
  10. Your EPF Account 2 funds will be credited to you
Hope this simple information helps, if you need more you can visit here: 

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