10 Things to Eat in Taipei, Taiwan

March 18, 2016

Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan is known for its street food and fine gourmets. 

If you are a budget traveler like me, want to enjoy the good food but want something different rather than the usual Din Tai Fungs - read on for the 

10 things to eat in Taipei, Taiwan.

Good food to eat in Taipei for NT$3500 or UD$108 or MYR440.

1) Street Food 

There are countless night markets to enjoy street food while shopping. Be prepared for a long queue at almost every food stall. 

Where I went?
Rao He Night Market 饶河观光夜市
MRT Songshan Station

herbal mutton soup at Raohe Night Market, Taipei Taiwan
If in Taiwan during rainy or cold season, this is best to enjoy.
Herbal Pork Bone Soup NT$70
Herbal Mutton Soup NT$80
Braised Pork Rice NT$20 per bowl 

egg rolls at Raohe Night Market, Taipei Taiwan
New way to eat Japanese egg rolls, there are different flavors to choose from at a different price.
Egg Roll with Fish Roe fillings NT$70

Taiwanese sausage at Raohe Night Market, Taipei Taiwan
Taiwanese sausages! This particular shop at the end of the street (not the one near MRT station) is made of Wild Boar.
Wild Boar Sausage NT$35 per stick 

Taiwanese pancakes
Onion fried pancake NT$25 with different fillings to choose from. Simple adding a fried egg NT$10 will leave your tummy satisfied. 

2) NT$100 Dish 

There are a number of restaurants doing NT$100 dishes and is popular among the Taiwanese. There is a wide selection of appetizer, mains, rice/noodles, soup to choose from.

Where I went?
No. 68, Leli Rd, Da'am District
MRT: Liuzhangli Station
Opens from 5pm - 2am

New Taiwan Dollar 100 dishes in Taipei Taiwan
Fried Rice (Chicken) NT$80
Fried Beef NT$100
Fried Mushroom NT$100
Lobster Salad NT$100

3) Meat Porridge

This was highly recommended by a friend. Due to many foreign visitors, English or pictured menu is available. 

Where I went?
周记肉粥 Chou's Meat Porridge 
No. 104, Guangzhou St. Wanhua District 
MRT: Longshan Temple 

Chou's meat porridge at Taipei Taiwan
Fried meat for 1 pax, squid in special soy sauce, 2 bowls of meat porridge at NT$140.

4) Cold Goose 

This restaurant was recommended by the hotel.

Where I went?
鸭肉扁 @ 西门町 (Ximending)
No. 98.2, Section 1, Zhonghua Rd, Wanhua District
MRT: Ximending Station

Goose at Ximending Taipei Taiwan
Half portion of cold goose NT$600. The portion is huge and too much for 2 person, order half portion if you have 3 or more people. Plain noodle soup with beef slices is at NT$60 per bowl. 

5) Fresh Vegetable and Tea Dishes at Maokong

Maokong is only accessible via the Maokong Gondola from Taipei Zoo. It is located on a highland with many tea houses and hiking trails.

Where I went?
春茶乡 @ 猫空 
No.30, Lane 38, Section 3, Zhinan Rd, Wenshan District 
Maokong Gondola: Maokong Station

tea meal at maokong taipei taiwan
To point out, this is way too much for 2 person. Perhaps Taiwanese have a huge appetite that the waitress said the items we ordered are just nice. 

Jin Zhen (the orange looking flower) with Chicken Soup
Clay Pot Eggplant 
Fried Wild Boar
Fried Mountain Vegetable 
Fried Rice with Tea Leaves (not in picture)
Total cost at NT$850 which can be cut down to about half since we ordered enough for 6 persons.

6) Japanese 

Taiwan was under the Japanese for many years hence the cultural influences especially in their eating. 

Where I went?
美观园 Mei Kuan Yuan
No. 47, Emei St, Wanhua District 
MRT: Ximending Station 

This restaurant is over 70 years. The food is slightly pricey but the portion is big and good quality.

Japanese food in Ximending Taipei Taiwan
scallops in taipei taiwan
Sashimi Set, Fried Pork with Egg Rice, Ebi (Prawn) Tempura and Grilled Yuzu Scallops all NT$845. Again, this is too much for 2 person.

7) Noodle Stalls 

This is the most common food you can get in Taipei, but the menu in these stalls are all in Chinese.

Noodle set meal in Taipei Taiwan

Set meals come with a bowl of noodle (choose dry or soup), a bowl of soup and 5-6 dumplings all at the cost of NT$110.

dumpling noodle in taipei taiwan

Non set meals like that comes with 2-3 dumplings and some minced meat costs NT$75.

8) "甜不辣" literally translated to "Sweet Not Sour" 

Usually this comes with meat ball, fish cake, white radish, sticky rice topped with a savoury sweet sauce and some chili sauce. 

tian bu la in taipei taiwan

One portion is about NT$100, you can choose different ingredients if you do not want the standard ones. 

9) Bubble Tea

Every street has more than 2 stores selling drinks. Some well known ones are 50岚, COME-BUY, CoCo都可...

Taiwanese 50Lan bubble milk tea

Oo Long Tea with Jelly, Big Pearls, Small Pearls and Milk Te with Mini Pearls for NT$60.

10) Dessert

Besides bubble tea, Taiwan is also famous for its iced cold desserts that can be good to cool down body heat. 

Taiwanese cold dessert
Grass Jelly (black colored jelly) with Big Pearls in Iced Lemon Juice for NT$50.

ai yu bing jelly ice in taipei taiwan
This is "Ai Yu Bing" 爱玉冰 aka Jelly Ice at NT$30 and can be found every corner of Taiwan. 


Food in Taipei are generally delicious and affordable. The cost of living are similar to Japan where transportation and accommodation price are sky high. You will pay NT$20 for a MRT ride, and NT$20 too for a bowl of Braised Pork Rice. 

Hope you enjoyed our very own 

10 Things to Eat in Taipei, Taiwan. 

Feel free to share in the comments section if you have any other good recommendations. 

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