How to build good impression with Instagram Bio?

March 24, 2016

Instagram Bio is the first thing that Instagramers see. It is like the shopfront of a business, logo of a brand, and our face which we always keep it clean and presentable. Instagramers may discover your photos and they come to your profile. However they will see your Bio if they want to follow you. We all understand the impact of first impression. Instagram is no exception. It's time to introduce yourself well and encourage people to follow your profile through your Bio.

So, you will think, "what should I write? I have nothing to write about myself.". Well, this is a common issue for everyone of us especially we are not so expressive. If you don't know how to start then here are some tips and suggestions for you.

1. Name / Brand
Your name or brand is very important because that is how people identify and remember you. Try to keep it real, accurate and use actual name. Avoid funny spellings, odd words, unnecessary abbreviations and different versions of name.

After your name you can feature your specialty, profession or something special that you want people to know about you whether it is your nickname or particular that you are known for. Your name and username are the only field that Instagram considers in search queries. So this is the keywords or niche that you want it to be searchable and increase the chances of being found.
Example, StereoHead ** Blog

2. Introduce Yourself / Brand
In the content area, you need to tell people what you do or what your brand is about. Tell people about what you can do, what makes you special and what you want to share. Explain and introduce yourself as simple as possible yet able to capture Instagramers' interest to follow you.

3. Simplicity & Fun
Yes, keep it simple and fun! Instagram is all about images, fun and pleasure for your eyesight. So avoid writing long description about yourself or your brand. Instagramers do not like to read long story. You should express and show the fun side of you and your brand. You do not have to be too formal on Instagram. You can use symbols or emoji which relate to your content in your Bio, yet not too much to keep it clean.

4. Straight to the point
Remember to avoid writing long description. The best way is to use keywords only and in point form. Although the keywords will not help in search engine, it makes your Bio tidy and presentable. This will let Instagramers understand you better and easier. Most of the people do not like to read.

5. Stylize & Customize
Once again, Instagram is totally different from other social media platform. It targets different audience and different purpose so your Instagram Bio should not be exactly same like your other social media (Facebook, Twitter...) Instagram Bio should be different and it should reflect some direction or some style. Do not copy and paste the Bio from other social media. Trust me, it will not fit well and it will not work. Take your time and squeeze your brain juice to stylize the Bio and remember point number.3 - Simplicity & Fun.

6. Use Spacing
Instagram allows you to space out and expand your Bio content area vertically. This will make your content more legible, highlight your points and clearer for Instagramers to read. You can do the spacing simply by hitting Enter key for desktop browser and Return key for Android Instagram. However Instagram on desktop browser has different viewing format. This vertical format only works on mobile. For iOS Instagramers, you could not do the spacing with iOS keyboard so you will have to do the Bio editing on desktop browser. I will attach an example below.

Viewing format on desktop browser.
Viewing format on mobile.
7. Website Link
Lastly do not forget to include your website link at the link url column. This will direct Instagramers who have interests in knowing your or your brand more. You can link it to your blog, website or online store, as this is the only clickable area in Instagram Bio so better make good use of it.

You have everything you need to create an Instagram Bio if you follow the guidance above. Try it, explore it and experience it to slowly improve and grow. It takes time to create a good one so please do not rush to see the instant result. Rome did not build in a day, right? Same goes to good impression, it will take some time. Well, if you need assistance or advice you can drop me comment or email. I am glad to help.

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