5 simple steps to build a star profile on LinkedIn

September 28, 2016

3-minute read + 30-minute effort (if you want to take action)

Why is it important?

There are over 450 million users on LinkedIn. Meaning? There is an open source for you to connect with these people professionally. Most people will go on LinkedIn when they are job hunting and indeed in the digital world now, majority of job applications would have a column to put in your LinkedIn profile. But in order to be noticed, you ought to have an attractive profile.

LinkedIn is also a good place to find new business opportunities, but again, you need to have a good profile for someone to be convince to connect with you in the first place.

The reality we all know is, first impression matters. Having a good profile will let people discover you easier and stay interested. LinkedIn has a search engine that will run through the users according to what is included in their profile. You will not be noticed if you do not include something that is of your expertise/representation.

Below are few steps that can help you revamp your profile.

1. Be clear of who you want to attract

Think about the WHO (are they), WHAT (industry they belong in), WHY (you want them to notice you).

Job seekers may want to have HR companies, or a specific company they’d like to join to notice them and if there is an opportunity in the future, he/she might land a job. Lead hunters? Perhaps C levels, purchasers of companies’ related industry to promote and sell the latest product.

2. Think what do you represent

List down the keywords that represent you. Some tips when brainstorming - it may be the job title / services and products you provide / responsibilities you are holding / your education background / your interest / skills / etc.

For example: I am a marketing specialist, my company provides 3D printing services, software for medical, etc. I execute marketing campaigns, events, etc. I have high interest in digital media. I can do video editing, etc. Form a list of keywords that you will then include around in your profile.

3. Create a killer headline

Now that you know who you want to attract and what do you represent. Start drafting a headline. A headline is the description that appears below your name. The headline follows you everywhere you appear on LinkedIn.

If it does not say what you represent, you will not attract the right people. LinkedIn’s search engine will miss you out as well. Do not just put in your job title. Be creative with your headline and include your industry, your expertise but keep it to 120 characters.

This is my headline: Medical 3D Printing Marketing Specialist in Asia Pacific | Digital Marketing | Event Planner

I want leads/prospects to discover me in the 3D printing industry. I’d also want companies to notice me as someone who does marketing for Asia Pacific.

Tips from themuse on a killer headline here.

4. Flaunt it! (if you have it)

When I come across profiles with a full length description and I don’t really bother reading them myself. However, it is still important to put them in even if we know people are not really going to read them. Why?

~ You need LinkedIn to run through your profile when someone does a search. ~ People will at least glance through and see the first few lines, if something catches their interest, they would read on.

So, start including everything about you. Put in the keywords we discovered earlier in your summary, job descriptions. Add your education, skills, and awards. If you have document to support, attach it under your summary.

5. Get people to do something

When someone is on your profile, it would be a shame if they just browse and clicked close. Put in some actions, it can be asking them to watch your video resume, a link to your blog or company website, read a white paper, etc.

Add a call to action which will make them have a more memorable impression on you or your company.

These are just simple steps and things to consider to kick start your LinkedIn profile revamp. Start playing around with the pencil button (edit) on your profile.

You can also view my profile here as a reference.

Happy revamping!

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